What is the Best Coffee Grinder Under 100 Dollars in 2015?

grinder 100 capresso 560.01 Infinity
The Capresso 560.01 Infinity is an excellent machine offering excellent value for money. This 100-watt conical burr grinder has 16 grind settings, ensuring versatility as well as high quality coffee beverages. It is available in black, brushed silver, and stainless steel.


As any experienced coffee drinkers knows, all the best tasting brews are made using freshly ground beans. Nothing beats the full aroma, plus you also get more control over the grinding process with your own machine.

There are two main types of coffee grinder: blade and burr. Most affordable machines tend to be of the blade type, which work by chopping the beans up with a rotating blade.

Burr machines are generally considered to be better than blades, certainly in terms of quietness and quality of the grind, but they are often more expensive.  The best burr grinders are generally considered to be the ones with concial mills, but wheel types are more common and usually less expensive.

My personal favorite, regarding the best cheap grinder, is the KRUPS 203-42 Electric a user friendly and attractively designed unit, which does does all the basics of grinding.

If you are happy to spend more money, however, I would recommend the Capresso 560.01 Infinity – as a burr grinder, this machine provides a quieter and more precise experience.


grinder 100 krups f203
The Krups F203 is a neat little machine that does its job effectively and is available for a surprisingly low price. Despite its overall compactness, it has a large capacity, and the 200 watt motor makes for speedy grinding.  As well as coffee beans, the Krups can be used to grind spices, nuts, and grains.


#1 Best Coffee Grinder Under 100 Dollars! – Affordable, Attractive and Efficient!

Compact, attractive, and efficient, the KRUPS F203 is my personal favorite machine at the affordable end of the price scale (I have one in my office that I use on a daily basis!).

Easy to use and able to grind coffee, spices, and nuts quickly and evenly, the stainless steel blades are also very durable (I have one that I’ve used on a daily basis for over three years and it still works as well today as it did on the day that I bought it). The Krups can grind up to 3 ounces of beans at a time.

The machine is straightforward to clean, I use a combination of damp cloth and brush. it takes up hardly any counter space, which is handy if you only have a small kitchen.

Perhaps its only weakness is that like all electric blade machines, it can be a little noisy. That’s not a problem during the day time, but can be inconvenient in the early morning or late at night when others are in bed. I find that wrapping a towel over it dulls the sound.

The Krups is available in black, brushed silver, and stainless steel.


krups grinders under 100
A selection of Krups grinders. Krups are one of the leading manufacturers of coffee makers and grinders. Burr machines work through the use of a mill, whereas blade machines chop up the beans with a spinning propeller-type blade. Burr machines are generally quieter and more efficient, but also more expensive.


How to Choose a Good Coffee Grinder

Selecting the right coffee grinder for your needs can seem like an overwhelming task, given the large array of machines currently out there on the market. Some of the factors that you may want to consider when choosing your new machine are listed below.

  • Do you want an electric or a manual grinder. Electric machines are quicker and easier, but also noisier, plus they do, of course, require a power supply.
  • Do you want a blade or a burr machine. Burrs have several advantages, including being quieter and more accurate, but are generally more expensive.
  • Consider what suits your kitchen best. If your kitchen area is small, then you probably want a more compact machine. Some machines also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that suits your decor.
  • Is the machine easy to use and clean?
  • How versatile is the machine? Can I grind the beans to different sizes, according to my requirements? Will the machine work with spices and nuts, as well as just coffee?

 4 More Top-Rated Cheap Coffee Grinders!

Below are four more machines that offer excellent value and are worth checking out.

Out of the four below, the Capresso uses a burr mill, rather than blades, and is my favorite.

I have also included the Kyocera, which is a well designed and elegant product, perfect for those who prefer to do their grinding manually.

grinder 100 capresso 560 infinity
My favorite burr machine available for under $100, the Capresso offers excellent value for money. Quiet and efficient, the machine has a built-in timer, and is easy to use, as well as clean.


#1 Best Burr Grinder Under $100: Meet The Capresso 560 Infinity!

The Capresso 560 Infinity is a conical burr grinder, which gives it many advantages over most blade grinders, including greater precision It also produces less heat during operation, maximizing taste and aroma.

The Capresso Infinity is also much quieter than almost all electric blade grinders.

The Capresso also has multiple grind settings, making it perfect for all kinds of coffee makers such as espresso, drip, percolators, French press.

This is machine is my favorite product at the high end of the below 100 price range and sells for around $85.

It is available in black, brushed silver, and stainless steel.



Hamilton Beach 80365
A compact and sturdy machine that offers hands free grinding, the Hamilton Beach 80365 is definitely worth checking out. Its size plus hidden cord storage makes it ideal for use in an environment where counter and storage space are precious.


 Sturdy, Compact, and Easy to Clean!

Sturdy, compact, and easy to clean, the Hamilton Beach 80365 is a grinder that you should definitely consider. Ideal for grinding coffee or spices, there are 5 different flavor settings to choose from.

The grinding chamber is removable, making the machine easy to fill and clean.

When the Hamilton Beach is not in use, the cord can also be stored internally to give extra compactness and convenience.


kyocera ceramic manual grinder
For those who like to grind their beans manually, the Kyocera Ceramic is a an excellent product for a price that won’t break the bank. Sturdy and exceptionally durable, this machine offers complete control over the grinding process and has the versatility to cope with salt, pepper, tea, grains and seeds, as well as coffee beans.


Versatile and Durable!

Certainly one of the best manual coffee grinders currently available, the Kyocera is top-rated for good reason.

It uses an exceptionally durable, ceramic grinding mechanism to create fresh, flavorful grounds.

Suitable for salt, pepper, green tea and sesame seeds, as well as coffee beans, the Kyocera Ceramic can be set to produce fine to coarse grinds and has a non-slip base for extra stability.

The Kyocera is compact, making it easy to store, and as it is operated manually, using a crank, so it requires no cords or power source.



bodum bistro green
As well as an attractive and stylish appearance, the Bodum Bistro offers powerful and convenient grinding for a very low price. Available in black, orange, red, green and white colors, the Bodum is compact enough to take up minimal counter and storage space, and has hidden cord storage.


 Stylish and Convenient!

Available in four different vibrant colors (black, orange, red, green and white), the Bodum Bistro Electric Blade is a powerful and convenient machine with a compact, modern design.

Conveniently compact, it also has internal cord storage, allowing you to save on space and clutter when the Bodum isn’t in use.

A transparent lid enables you to view the fineness of the grade – the longer you grind, the finer the result.


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