Best Thermal Coffee Maker 2015: Top 5

bunn bt thermal
The BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer is quick, versatile and has a carafe made from durable and stylish stainless steel.

For coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs who lead busy lives and like their coffee kept hot while they are doing other things, a thermal coffee maker is a very useful and wonderful thing.

Unlike most regular coffee makers which typically keep the coffee’s temperature up by heating a glass carafe on a hot element, which over time gives it a burnt taste, thermal coffee makers work by using an insulated carafe, preserving the taste as well as the temperature better.

Insulated carafes are often constructed using stainless steel. As well as helping to keep the coffee hot, the carafes are far sturdier than their glass equivalents, which have a tendency to break very easily.

Insulated cafes are also very easy to clean and don’t tend to become discolored over time.

coffee cup
Image source: Public Domain Image via Pixabay

Another advantage of a thermal carafe, usually the main one for many people, is that you can take them anywhere you want and still keep your coffee hot for hours at a time. This is useful if you want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, or drink your coffee in another room of the house, such as an office space, or the bedroom.

There are many great thermal coffee makers out there at the moment. But some offer more quality and more value for money than others.

I have tried to include a variety of products in my top 5 list, so that a range of tastes and budget sizes are catered for. I hope that you enjoy my best thermal coffee maker 2015 selections and find them helpful.

lancet thermal
The Lance-Larkin Brew Express is an excellent all round brewer for a very affordable price.

#1 Best Thermal Coffee Maker 2015: Luxury Features and Superior Coffee!

The Lance-Larkin Brew Express is a beautifully designed, superior thermal coffee maker that makes it easy to produce a rich, virtually perfect brew every time.

This machine is self-filling, so once you’ve attached it to your water supply and power, all you have to do is pour in the grinds and this brewer will do the rest, ensuring that the water is spread evening over the grinds to give you consistent, high quality results.

The illuminate blue glow accent lighting gives this maker a stylish appearance that will enhance most kitchens. The Brew Express can also be recessed/built into your wall, saving on counter space, as well as looking good.

This coffee maker is able to make up to 10 cups and is the best thermal coffee maker in my list.



Tips For Storing Coffee

  • Buy coffee beans and grind them right before you brew for a fresh and full taste.
  • Store coffee in an air-tight container. Ceramic, glass, and stainless steel containers are generally the best construction materials for the container.
  • Don’t refrigerate or freeze the beans as that can interfere with or reduce the taste.
  • Taste can also be affected by extreme heat, or bright sunlight. So coffee should be stored in dark and cool place, if possible.


melitta thermal
The Melitta 46894 has a thermal carafe to keep your coffee piping hot.

Hotter Brewing for a Richer Beverage!

As well as being compact and stylish, the Melitta 46894 has a hotter brewing temperature than most of its competitors which provides for a richer taste.

Plus the Melitta 10-Cup comes with lots of great features, such as straightforward controls that allow you to set the brew to regular, bold or robust, according to your requirements.

The thermal carafe will keep your coffee piping hot. This brewer makes up to 10 cups at a time.


krups kt600 thermal
The Krups KT600 brewer has a stylish appearance, thanks in part to its elegant design, and stainless steel, chrome and wood construction.

State-of-the-Art Technology!

I had to include this beautiful product from Krups in my best thermal coffee maker top 5.

Exclusively designed and made from stainless steel, chrome and wood optics, the KT600 incorporates state-of-the-art technology, exquisite engineering and top of the range functionality.

The Krups KT600 makes 10 European sized cups of coffee.


coffee cup 2
Image source: Public Domain Image via Pixabay

bonavita thermal
The Bonavita BV1800 has a 1400W heater to enable quick brewing and precise water temperatures.


Stylish and Functional!

Made from high quality stainless steel and easy to clean, the Bonavita BV1800 is an exceptional thermal coffee maker that is functional as well as attractive.

The 1400W heater is excellent for enabling quick brewing and precise water temperatures.

The cleverly designed, wide pattern showerhead produces full coffee grounds saturation for exceptional flavor.


bunn bt thermal
The Bunn BT Velocity Brew uses a specially designed sprayhead to deliver maximum flavor extraction.

Unique Sprayhead Design Maximizes Flavor!

The Bunn BT Velocity is a remarkable thermal coffee maker with its own unique system for delivering maximum flavor extraction, using a specially designed sprayhead.

The thermal carafe is vacuum-insulated and made from stainless steel, with a close-and-brew lid and a vacation switch. This thermal coffee maker is capable of producing 10 cups of coffee in only 3 minutes.


Summary of The Advantages of Thermal Carafes

  • Better taste, as the coffee can get a burnt taste from a continually heated glass carafe – this doesn’t happen with a thermal version.
  • More versatility and convenience, you can take the thermal anywhere, while preserving the temperature for much longer periods.
  • Thermal carafes are typically made of stainless steel, making them more sturdy and durable than glass, which breaks easily.

black and decker thermal
Stainless steel mug from the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go. The mug is dishwater safe, as well as durabble.


Two More Top-Rated Thermal Coffee Makers to Consider

For those prioritizing affordability and a personal coffee maker with a travel mug, the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go is definitely worth checking out. This maker brews directly into a thermal stainless-steel travel coffee mug, designed to fit the majority of vehicle cup holders, enabling you to take your coffee with you on your drive to work.

The Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer is at the higher end of the price scale, but well worth the money – fast and easy to use, it is a remarkably well constructed product. If precision and elegance are what you seek, this maker should definitely be considered.